Cinque Terre

Film/ Serial Suiting:

During film suitings, the Film actors, directors, and producers travel to different destinations for taking shots in the movie.

Film/ Serial Promotional Activities:

Film actors, directors, and producers appear for television, cable, radio, print, and online media interviews, which can be conducted in person or remotely.

During film production, these can take place on set. After the film's premiere, key personnel make appearances in major market cities or participate remotely via satellite videoconference or telephone.

The purpose of interviews is to encourage journalists to publish stories about their "exclusive interviews" with the film's stars, thereby creating "marketing buzz" around the film and stimulating audience interest in watching the film.

When it comes to feature films picked up by a major film studio for international distribution, promotional tours are notoriously grueling.

Key cast and crew are often contracted to travel to several major cities around the world to promote the film and sit for dozens of interviews. In every interview they are supposed to stay "on message" by energetically expressing their enthusiasm for the film in a way that appears candid, fun, and fresh, even though it may be their fifth or sixth interview that day. They are expected to disclose just enough juicy "behind-the-scenes" information about the filmmaking process or the filmmakers' artistic vision to make each journalist feel like he or she got a nice scoop, while at the same time tactfully avoiding disclosure of anything truly negative or embarrassing.

We provide the best services during film / serial suiting and promotional activities as below:

  • The arrangement of flight tickets in business class with premium service
  • Accommodation in 5* luxury hotels with VIP access
  • Luxury cars with chauffeur
  • Visa arrangement (if traveling abroad)
  • Arrangements of manpower in the different areas to help during film suiting and film promotional activities
  • Protection Staffs
  • Arrangement of Audio – Visual
  • Promotional program in different areas